The Traveling Product Manager

Flying above the weather, I can only admire the technology that keeps me aloft. It affords a unique vantage point, enjoyed by only a fraction of the billions of humans ever to roam the earth. The pristine setting and wide-angle perspective remind me of the time before starting work on …

Sleeping in a Flying Chair

Sure, you can sleep in a plush seat that unfolds into a flat bed in First Class. But can you afford it? me neither. You may also sleep in a wide and comfy chair in business class, but is it worth the steep price premium? Probably not (unless your boss …

Fly by Notes

One thing that kept me focused during the learning period was to maintain a document that captures everything I learned. It’s like the Cliff’s Notes of a private pilot course, and I decided to make it available to other student pilots.t

Why Managers Should Learn to Fly

Many of the qualities that make a good pilot also define outstanding managers and leaders. Product managers in particular can benefit from learning to fly. Taking your product off the ground is not an easy feat, and learning to fly can hone your skills and help you excel. Here’s a list of ten skills you’ll get better at while learning to fly.