Bay Area, Inc.

Why is Silicon Valley so successful? How long will its reign last? Answers usually include deep-rooted engineering culture, cross-pollination through talent mobility, and funding availability. Other oft quoted – albeit lesser – reasons include the business-friendly regulatory environment, the fair weather and the power of the Silicon Valley brand to …

Long Live the Radio

I spent three of the best years of my life working at a radio station. This cemented my love of the medium and made me a fan for life. Although video is the undeclared king of the internet era, radio can entertain, educate and inform in situations and locations where …

Good Robot, Bad Robot

Automatic pool cleaners, known as robots, are out of sight for most people. Even pool owners don’t care much about them – as long as they work. A recent experience with a broken one thought me an important lesson in product innovation and marketing. Although it happened in a niche …

The Book is Dead, Long Live the Book

For many of years, bookstores and libraries played a significant role in the lives of many people including yours truly. We even have a dedicated word for them: “bookstore” (one word) as opposed “barber shop” or “shoe store”. Due to our increasing reliance on electronic media, bookstores are rapidly disappearing. Most small ones are already gone, and larger ones are gradually following suit.

Short Won’t Sell

Feature style articles often start with an anecdotal lead. It is usually followed by some numbers from seemingly respectful sources and one or more pundit opinions. The writer then goes back to the anecdote, finally telling the reader how it ended.

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