Double Pie Profit

On my bi-annual visit to McDonald’s the other day I noticed this sign posted on the drive-thru window: “Two Apple Pies: $1. One Apple Pie: $0.95.” The first thought that crossed my mind was: Is it possible to deduce the actual cost of a single pie from this data?

iPad: The Real Deal

Two companies entered the prestigious “I’m officially scared of Apple” club today – Intel and AMD. The banter in their executive boardrooms might be giddy and condescending, but they should be revising their 5-year plans instead.

How to Create a Video for your Startup in 4 Easy Steps

Describing what your startup does in a video is a must. However, making a high quality video is harder and more expensive than it seems. Although video equipment is cheap, finding and filming a professional talking-head is challenging and achieving consistent quality through different scenes not trivial. Luckily there’s a quick and easy way to ensure your video is excellent without sweating it: use stop motion.

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